Ways to Preserve the Condition of Your Roof 

   We all agree that our roof is one of the most important parts of our home. After all, our roof protects us from the harsh light of our sun, the freezing breeze of the wind and the splurging rain. Aside from the protection that our roof gives us, our roofs also define the look and shape of our house. 

    Our roofs, however, like all the other parts of our house, is not built to last. There would come a time that small parts of it will be broken until it presents bigger problems that prompt you to make drastic repairs or changes. But before you get in that stressful situation, your roof will still have a good and long life. To prolong this, you can visit http://www.edmroofing.ca/ or you can do it on your own; here is a list of ways to preserve the condition of your roof. 

1.    Assess the Condition of your Roof 

Before you do any preserving techniques for your roof, you first have to assess its condition. By assessing, you have to figure out the original material and the age of your roof. From this information, you will know the source of present or future damages, if it is age-related or from sudden circumstances. 

The ideal time to assess the condition of your roof is immediately after the harsh seasons like winter, season with strong rains, or after a storm. Check the shingles that have been damaged (curled, bent, or cracked). 

2.    Clear Debris Regularly 

Our roofs do heavy duty work to shield us from harsh environmental conditions, don’t let it carry heavier burdens from debris. Debris can be in the form of accumulated dust, mud, stones, branches, and other undesirable objects. These debris cause extra stress on your roof and makes it more vulnerable to damages. 

Aside from causing extra strain, debris can obstruct the flow of water from your roof to your gutters. Because the flow of rainwater is obstructed, it will create a pool of water above. These pooled water can cause rusting on your materials or can promote the growth of moss and rot.  

When you clear this debris, do not use pressure from water hoses or by scraping, these methods can cause further damage. To clear debris properly, remove it by use of your hands; use a glove, and you can also utilize used brooms for help. 

3.    Remove Moss 

Moss might appear to be harmless compared to the hugeness of our roof, but if moss accumulates, it might be the initial cause of the wreckage of your roof. Moss develops from the moist of accumulated debris and water, but if moss develops, the speed of accumulation of mud on your roof will increase because of the traction that moss provides. 

To remove moss, you have to purchase cleaning solutions in the market. There are several variations of moss removers, one class of products would remove moss by killing it chemically, and the rain will wash it afterward. Others function like cleaning products for your walls or glass; you need to apply it and remove it immediately with pressure afterward.